Mbale meteorite part slice
ordinary chondrite with collection number
real meteorite part slice

Mbale, Stone Meteorite

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Stone meteorite - L5/6 Ordinary chondrite


Description- Famous witness fall, August 14, 1992. This part slice features a light grey matrix with chondrules and metal flecks clearly visible. There is a collection number on one edge of the specimen "MB 76" printed over white out, shown in photos. 


Weight - 4.6 grams

Measurements- 20 mm x 15 mm x 5 mm

Additional information-

From the Meteorite Bulletin:

"The fall occurred in a heavily populated area in and around the city Mbale. A loud explosion was heard which persisted for some time as a rumbling noise. For about two minutes a greyish-white smoke trail was seen. A meteorite shower fell over an area of about 3 x 7 km. The stones hit several buildings, but nobody was hurt. An expedition was organized by the Dutch Meteor Society, the Leiden Observatory, and Makerere University between August 29 and September 5; it located 48 impact positions of masses between 27.4 kg and 0.1 g. Together with material found in the months after the fall, 426 stones were recovered with a total mass of 108 kg."