Blue background, scale cube, Canyon Diablo meteorite fragments in vial
zoomed out photo of a pile of Canyon Diablo Meteorite Fragments
photo through loupe lense, two Canyon Diablo Meteorite fragments
up close loupe photo one canyon diablo meteorite fragment
Canyon Diablo Meteorites in vial, held by hand in black glove
One canyon diablo meteorite fragment  sphere shaped
2 canyon diablo meteorite fragments irregular shapes
Canyon Diablo Impactite "Bomblets"
heart shaped  canyon diablo meteorite fragment

Canyon Diablo Impactite "Bomblets"

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Description-  This material has a H.H. Nininger provenance. The impactite "bomblets", as Nininger called them, are small impact pieces. Upon examination under a 60 power loupe, aerodynamic shapes are clearly defined in some of the pieces. (see photos)

Location-  Meteor Crater in Arizona; the world's best preserved meteorite impact crater.

Weight-  Vial contains 1.0 grams

Measurements-  The vial measures 38 x 12 mm. Bomblets measure between 1 to 3 mm at their widest.

The Nininger label on the jar reads "Impactite bomblets from depth 4 to 5 ft. in pit on N.N.W. lower "half"(? illegible) of Crater rim.". The label inside the jar reads "Bomblets taken from 4 - 5 ft depth in excavation, passed 16 mesh caught by 24, no volcanics, no acid used, contents of this jar represents approx. 200 hrs. of magnetic separation by use of hand magnet."

Please see my blog post for additional information.