About Us

Hello, welcome to Raining Rocks! We pride ourselves in offering an eclectic variety of material from all over the world. Here, you can expect to see meteorites, minerals, jewelry, faceted gemstones, rough, slabs, cabs, faceting rough, and literary material. We are a corporation located in Tucson, Arizona.
All rocks minerals and meteorites on the site are genuine. 

We do not have a store front, however, multiple times a year we travel to participate in gem shows. Each year you can find us at the Arizona gem shows, and frequently in Colorado and New Mexico. We announce our Gem Show dates and locations on the website.

We buy collections, part and whole. Containing meteorites, minerals, lapidary material, gemstones, etc. Our acquired collections often contain old material, considered rare now, especially of the quality of material collected many years ago.  We update our website with new material of vast varieties frequently.

**Please email us if you have a collection for sale. Kindly include photos, quantity of material, and your location in your email.

About our CEO-

Raining Rocks CEO Suzanne Morrison has been in the business of selling rocks since 2014. She gained interest in rocks and minerals as a child, on a trip to the Arizona Desert Museum in the 1980’s. As an adult she pursued a Engineering degree but rediscovered her passion and ended up with a geology and environmental degree. Since then, she has attended dozens of gem shows, hunted minerals, meteorites, worked with the National Park Service, and at Meteor Crater.

Suzanne’s obsession with meteorites began when she found her first meteorite 20 years ago! She was featured on 2 episodes of the TV show Meteorite Men, worked behind the scenes for five TV shows (4 science based), and has been a panel speaker for ASAE. Her incredible meteorite photography has been featured on book and magazine covers, as well as in articles, museum displays, websites, and TV shows.  She is a member of the IMCA, #5146.  

Contact information:
email - rainingrocks @ hotmail.com (Please note: do not include the spaces before and after the "@". It is typed that way to keep the spambots away. Thanks!)

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