Canyon Diablo (Meteor Crater) impactites!

Recently, I was fortunate enough to acquire Canyon Diablo (Meteor Crater) impactites. These tiny specimens range from 1 to 3 mm, are dark grey/black and some have a white coating (maybe caliche? That's a huge guess.) The pieces are attracted to a magnet.

Canyon Diablo impactite "bomblets"

These impactites have a H.H. Nininger provenance. The label on the jar reads "Impactite bomblets from depth 4 to 5 ft. in pit on N.N.W. lower "half"(? illegible) of Crater rim.". The label inside the jar reads "Bomblets taken from 4 - 5 ft depth in excavation, passed 16 mesh caught by 24, no volcanics, no acid used, contents of this jar represents approx. 200 hrs. of magnetic separation by use of hand magnet."

While prepping vials of the impactite for sale (a limited quantity will be made available for purchase in 1 gram vials.), a friend recommended we examine the pieces under a 60 power loupe. Much to our surprise, some of these teensy particles had distinct shapes similar to what I've seen in other impactites; such as Indochinite tektites and Wabar splash droplets. Very clearly seen are spherules, tear-drops and dumbbells, among other shapes. In addition, many of the pieces, in particular the broken ones, exhibit the most minuscule of vesicles. 

Vial of "bomblets" available for purchase. Please see the website

Below are some images of a few specimens taken through a 60 power loupe with my cell phone. The images are not of premier quality, however the are the best I could do with a cell phone and a loupe. Enjoy this peek into a fascinating macro world!